3 Ways to Get Fast Cash

Around 5% of Americans have a second income. So if you’re feeling the pinch and need to make some extra money you are not alone. Having a second job can be exhausting and might mean you have to wait longer to get paid. But if you need to get fast cash it’s actually not as tricky as you might think.

Read on for 3 ways to get fast cash that pretty much anyone can do.

1. Surveys and Market Research

Taking surveys or doing market research is a fast, simple, and often well-paid way to earn extra money. Usually, these can be done online, which means little expenditure too. Many organizations are looking to collate consumer data so they can increase sales and improve their products and services.

Two examples of this method are Swagbucks (who will actually pay you $10 just for signing up) and Opinion Outpost. Swagbucks lets you take surveys and earn points in return. These points can be spent at the likes of Target, Walmart, and Amazon. Opinion Outpost pays for your opinions via a point system too. By completing between 5-7 surveys you will earn points and an Amazon gift card.

2. Loans

There are various different types of loans and some are not recommended for fast cash. A personal loan might be the best solution as it’s a short-term loan, paid in installments and there is no collateral involved. If you’re looking to get cash fast, but don’t need much, this might be a good option. The interest rates aren’t variable either.

You will pay the loan back over a period of time, often depending on your own financial circumstances. Other types of loans include payday loans and emergency loans. These often come with high rates of interest. Cash advances can be borrowed against your credit card’s limit too. Look into how you can find a business that offers cash loans if you feel this is a good option for you.

3. Shopping Cashback

You can retain extra cash by spending wisely and saving on purchases you already make. There are various schemes that support this. One is the app Ibotta, which pays you every time you shop by taking a photo of your grocery receipt. The scan then calculates what cashback you’re entitled to and tops up your app account. This works at the likes of Aldi, Costco, and Whole Foods. You can also earn a new user bonus after redeeming your first rebate.

Another scheme is the CapitalOne Shopping scheme. This will look for coupons online for you and apply them automatically for you at checkout. You will earn shopping points in the process with partner retailers. A percentage of your purchase will then be transferred into gift cards for you to redeem at places like Amazon and Walmart.

Others include Dosh, Rakuten, and InboxDollars.

Get Fast Cash

These 3 tips to get fast cash are just a few safe and easy options to look into. Other methods include renting your property on Airbnb, babysitting, or selling some of your unwanted things.

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