5 Home Storage Ideas for Keeping Everything Organized

home storage ideas

According to a recent survey, more than 80% of Americans don’t think their homes are organized enough. As a result of this, more than half of these people say that they feel stressed out. If you feel as though your home would best be described…

How to Prepare Your Business for a New Roof Installation

commercial roofing

Do you need to prepare your business for new roof installation services? A new roof installation provides better energy efficiency for your business environment. A new roof also provides protection from the elements, increases curb appeal, and adds more value to your commercial property. Here’s…

6 Ways You Can Grow Your Cleaning Services During the Pandemic

cleaning business

The commercial and residential cleaning industry is skyrocketing due to increased demand during the pandemic. How can your cleaning business take advantage of this opportunity? You no doubt have seen ways you can easily expand. But are you doing it the right way and promoting…

Buying and Selling in the ‘Burgh: A Guide to Pittsburgh Real Estate

Pittsburgh is one city that everyone wants to move to. Like being one of the most livable cities and having one of the most viable economies, the many accolades have brought new people to the Steel City in droves. Known for its sports teams, artistic…

The Different Types of Commercial Building Materials Explained

commercial buildings

The number of commercial buildings in the United States grew to 5.6 million between 1979 and 2012. By then commercial buildings occupied a whopping 87 billion square feet. Today, these figures are way higher considering the steady rise in the demand for commercial building space….

Most Common Mistakes With Shipping and How to Avoid Them

mistakes with shipping

Consumers care about shipping—its cost and its speed—now more than ever. Yet mistakes with shipping happen. A 2019 survey about shopping online proves this point. An astonishing number of respondents, almost 65%, said that cost is the most important shipping factor. The second-most important, speed,…

Is Window Tinting Better Than Blinds? Everything You Should Know


Fighting depression. Soothing skin issues. Building strong bones. Sunlight has lots of health benefits, and that list doesn’t even include the way its rays can improve the look of your home. A cozy living room drenched in natural light or a gentle wakeup as the…