Is Window Tinting Better Than Blinds? Everything You Should Know

Fighting depression. Soothing skin issues. Building strong bones. Sunlight has lots of health benefits, and that list doesn’t even include the way its rays can improve the look of your home. A cozy living room drenched in natural light or a gentle wakeup as the sun rises — you can’t beat that.

Still, you want the option to maintain your privacy and protect your belongings from the sun’s rays, which can cause them to fade. So, you’re looking into your options — and you keep seeing tinting as an option for your window.

Your main question is, is tinting better than blinds? Here’s what you need to know.

Tinting is Affordable

Firstly, choosing window tinting will save you money. It costs a lot less to have someone apply the film than it does to have custom blinds. Think about it: the latter will require custom-built blinds for all of your windows, plus professional installation.

Meanwhile, the minimalistic way in which tint covers your windows will save you cash in the end.

Tinting Blocks UV Rays

It’s easy to see how blinds block out UV rays — they simply prevent them from entering your home. But that’s only if you close your blinds tightly throughout the day. If you want to let a little sunlight in, well, you’ll have to let in the UV, too.

You already know that UV light isn’t good for you in massive quantities. But it can be damaging to your belongings, too. Artwork and fabric, for example, can fade when exposed to too much UV.

Luckily, window tinting can block a whopping 99 percent of these harmful rays. So, you can let the light in without worry — only the good stuff’s coming into your abode.

Tinting Keeps Things Cool

When it’s hot outside, letting the light in can cause your house to heat up, too. And, if you’ve got the air-conditioning going, that’s the last thing you want. You’ll have to pay more to cool the place down, or you’ll have to keep the blinds closed all day.

Now, if you want natural light without the added heat, you might opt for window tinting instead. It can keep nearly 80 percent of the sun’s heat out, thus preserving the temperature inside of your abode.

On that note, window tinting is a boon to your utility bill both at home and at the office. Learn more about why it’s good for business, too.

Tinting Protects the Window

Finally, your window tints will be easy to clean — they barely collect any dust. And, if and when you decide to remove them, they peel right off.

Having a tint on your window keeps the glass beneath safe, too. Think about the film like a screen protector you’d put on your phone. It keeps everything intact for longer.

Let the Light In

Whether you’re thinking of the windows at your home or office, one thing is for sure: tint could be the way to go. You get UV and heat protection without sacrificing any feel-good natural light. To us, that sounds like a win-win.

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