6 Ways You Can Grow Your Cleaning Services During the Pandemic

The commercial and residential cleaning industry is skyrocketing due to increased demand during the pandemic. How can your cleaning business take advantage of this opportunity?

You no doubt have seen ways you can easily expand. But are you doing it the right way and promoting long-term growth or only getting what comes your way?

Whether you clean offices, facilities, or people’s homes, there’s a way you can grow your business now and ensure future success tomorrow. Here are six need to know tips for flourishing during a difficult time.

1.Know the Guidelines

First things first, you need to know the right way to clean an area to make sure it’s free of COVID-19. We’re still learning new information about the virus every day, so make sure you check guidelines often.

2.Get Social

If you specialize in residential services, you might have noticed a drop in demand. Use social media to maintain a presence for current and future customers.

Do a live Q&A session to inform people how to clean their own spaces. Create a blog or YouTube channel and monetize it for extra income.

3.Learn from Others

Even in good times, it’s smart to keep an eye on competitors or peers in the industry and learn from them. For example, if you specialize in cleaning spaces of worship, you can check out another company that focuses on that same niche, like Prestige Janitorial Services, and pick up some ideas from them.

4.Change Your Tactics

Many businesses have had to switch gears and yours is no different. Customers have different needs now and you need to be able to meet them.

For example, you can offer “contactless” services. Ask a customer to send you a photo of their place and give them an estimate over email.

5.Partner Up

Are there others in the community you can partner with? See if there are other local services that you can double up with and offer package deals to customers.

Rug cleaners, auto detailing centers, or furniture cleaners might make good partners. See if they will at least allow you to leave a coupon with their clients and offer to do the same for yours.

6.Rethink Marketing

Your old marketing strategy isn’t going to work like it used to. Make sure to adjust your messaging in order to fit the moment.

Talk about keeping families safe and how you follow updated guidelines to ensure the deepest clean. If you use special products, put them front and center in your campaigns.

Help Your Cleaning Business Thrive

These are challenging times for everyone. Your cleaning business might be struggling or might be enjoying an unprecedented surge in demand, but either way, you can always improve your growth strategy.

Try these six tips to retain current clients, find new ones, and make connections for the future. Keep your eye on the long game and you’ll be successful.

Is there something more you can be doing to ensure your company’s future success? Check out our other articles about business techniques and keep learning!