The Business Benefits of Putting Supermarket Circulars Online

Does your supermarket only offer your circulars in-person or through the mail? These supermarket circulars are great for people looking to save a few dollars, but is printing and distributing them the best way to go about things?

We don’t think so.

Online circulars are the way of the future (and the present) and more and more grocery stores are getting on board with the change. Are you ready to modernize your business, or are you stuck in the past?

We want to help you make that decision. Let’s talk about all of the potential business benefits of including your grocery deals and supermarket discounts on the web instead of in your customers’ mailboxes.

You Get More Customers

Everyone knows that a good website helps to drive business, and it isn’t only the big-box stores that can benefit from this.

You can have the best prices, the best sales, and the largest variety of goods, and the large businesses will still outperform you. Why is that?

They’ve made their websites easy to navigate and they’ve provided a clear idea of how much customers are going to spend when they visit. When their circulars are online, customers come to expect their weekly couponing and sale adventures.

For example, you can check out this weeks Kroger ad and know that you can get ready for your holiday meal-planning.

If you start offering your own circulars online and in emails, these customers might make the switch to your business. Many people are interested in shopping at small and local businesses but they won’t do that if they don’t know what to expect.

Customer Loyalty Increases

Not only will you gain new customers, but your customer loyalty will also increase.

Not everyone wants to get coupons and circulars in the mail anymore. They end up being tossed in the trash and annoying your customers by bloating their mailboxes and garbage cans.

Customers also don’t want to be surprised by items that are more expensive than they expect. Sometimes the text in printed circulars is too small, so they’ll miss the relevant dates and get frustrated.

When they can go online and check what you have to offer, they know what to expect. Consistency is important for customer loyalty.

Personalization Is Key

If you have the capability, it’s a great idea to add extra sale items to each customer’s weekly supermarket circular. Customers can get personalized supermarket discounts based on their shopping history that might make them more inclined to come in even when they weren’t otherwise planning on it.

Offering things like snacks and treats as well as essentials is a great way to encourage someone to make a quick stop at your store.

You Save Money

How much money do you spend printing out and mailing your circulars?

At one time this was a profitable decision. The more circulars that you had in rotation, the more customers you would bring to your store. This isn’t true anymore. Even many older customers are switching to online ads.

Why waste money on things that people are going to throw in the trash?

You Save Trees

Everyone needs to do their part to save the environment, and businesses have the biggest impact.

How much paper do you waste by continuing to print your supermarket circular ads? When you switch to an online format, that amount drops to zero.

While you can choose to recycle extras and provide recycling bins in your store, your customers won’t all do the same. Anyway, reducing or eliminating paper production is better than recycling it after the fact.

You Don’t Have to Worry About a Change of Address

How many times have you gone to get the mail and found that you’ve received some kind of magazine, ad, or piece of promotional material that wasn’t intended for you? Isn’t it annoying?

Also, how many times have you moved and forgotten to change your listed address in every single one of your subscriptions?

More times than you’d like to admit, we’re sure.

This is common. Moving puts so much on our plates that remembering to update an address for something as benign as a supermarket circular ad falls by the wayside.

When you put these ads online, you don’t have to worry about this. Even if you choose to also distribute them via email (where people may change their addresses as well), you’ll still have it on your website where everyone is free to see it. There’s no chance of your customers being unable to access your weekly deals.

You Can Update in Real-Time

Have you discovered that you can discount a new product that you hadn’t expected before? Maybe you have a new promotional item or an overstock on something, or you need to take something off of the ad because it’s run out of stock. Have you ever mispriced something in an ad and realized it after it was already printed?

With paper ads, there’s not much you can do about that. You’re stuck with what you’ve sent out. When you put your ads online you have every opportunity to change them throughout the week or month. You can give your customers the most accurate and up-to-date prices.

Is It Time to Move Your Supermarket Circular Online?

Printed circulars aren’t sustainable or profitable anymore. They’re a thing of the past and it’s time to move to the internet age. You’ll gain more business, more customer loyalty, and more flexibility with your advertisements if you take advantage of your website for your supermarket circular rotation.

Make the switch today and see how it changes your business.

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