4 Marketing Tips That Actually Work for Dentists

It’s 2021, and everyone needs to focus on marketing — even medical professionals. The rise of social media, the internet, and new technologies has meant that consumers now have more choices than ever when it comes to services. Thankfully, if you focus on marketing for dentists, you can use these technologies to gain more customers than ever before.

But what are some of these marketing tips?

If you’ve found yourself asking this question, you’ve come to the right place. This article will walk you through several marketing strategies for dentists.

1. Update Your Website

Let’s face it — most medical professionals have websites that look fresh out of 2003. When it comes to the internet, consumers expect a professional, slick, up-to-date look. If your website isn’t current, what does that say about your medical practices?

First impressions make a difference. Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter if you have great content on your website if it’s so ugly that no one will see it. Invest time and effort into a great website to stand out from the crowd.

2. Focus On SEO

SEO — which stands for search engine optimization — is extremely important. It refers to the process of putting keywords in select places on your site to push your business to the top of search engine searches. That’s right, you can make google work for you by driving close-by people to your website every time they search “dentist near me”.

But SEO is a bit of a complicated process to get right. Far too complicated for us to get into in this short article. Thankfully, we found this great website, The Hoth, that focuses on SEO, and can greatly help you out with Dentist Internet Marketing.

3. Step up Social Media

Social media gives you the option to create content that feels personal and intimate. If someone stumbles upon your social media profile (which social media’s are practically designed for) and sees a caring, fun, and efficient practice, they’re far more likely to remember you than your competitors. They might not need a dentist now, but they’ll keep you in the mind for the future.

4. Customer Reviews

Why not let your customers do your marketing for you? 84 percent of people trust online customer reviews, and they can be both a great form of advertising and a great way to build brand trust.

People trust customer reviews because they come straight from the source. The recommendation of another consumer feels to them like a word-of-mouth recommendation, calling to mind friendly interactions.

Consumer reviews can also enhance your SEO. Weed out the best positive reviews and feature them on your website. Ask customers who seem satisfied to leave you a review, to spin your reviews positively.

Make Use of These Marketing Tips

When you update your website, focus on SEO, step up your social media game, and start posting customer reviews, you drive traffic to your website and build up brand trust. No matter what marketing tips you implement, make sure you focus on gearing your content towards personalization.

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