7 Mac Tips and Tricks You Might Not Know

If you own a MacBook, then you have landed on the right page. In this blog, we will share some amazing MacBook shortcuts and hidden features that will make your life easier. Whether you are new to the Mac world or have been a user for quite some time now, these little tricks and hacks will make your life make you much more productive.

Since you are stuck due to the COVID-19 pandemic in your house now, this is a good time to make the most of your Mac.

So here are some of the tips that might be useful to you.

Continuity Camera

In macOS Mojave, Apple has developed a feature that lets you take a picture on the iPhone or iPad. You can port it over to the Mac into the document or app of your choice. To enable the camera in any application, go to Edit > Insert from Your ‌iPhone‌ or ‌iPad‌. After that, select “take photo” or “scan document”. It will then activate the camera on your device so that you can quickly take a picture.

What a great way to create memories! You can also right-click in the documents to bring up a menu with the option.

Change your MacBook name

This is yet another hack that you should know. If you are using AirDrop or Bluetooth accessories, you should change the name of your Mac so that it is easily identifiable. It is also important if multiple people are using Macs. For changing the Mac name, click on the Apple logo on the top left of the Menu bar. After that, select System Preferences. Select sharing. At the top of the window next to the computer name, enter the name you want for your Mac.

You will get an idea about changing the home name folder and other ways to change MacBook name here.

Password protect a folder

Your Mac is generally protected by a password. But what happens when you need another level of protection for any folder? For enabling the same, open up Disk Utility, select “File” from the menu, choose “New Image”, and then “Image from Folder.”

After that, you can select the folder you want to protect. Create a password following the same. Do not forget to delete the original folder. Keep in mind that you have to enter a password when you try to open this new folder. You should write down the password somewhere safe to have a backup even if you forget it.

Custom lock screen message

To create a custom message that pops up on the lock screen, you can put in your phone number and an email ID that people see when it’s open. It is a great feature if your Mac gets misplaced. To enable it, go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General > Set Lock Message.

WiFi passwords in keychain

Many people may not know it, but you can even find a lost password for a WiFi network. It gets stored in a keychain in your MacBook. Open Keychain Access, select System, and find the WiFi name. Right-click or double-click on it, choose “Get Info,” and then select “Show Password.”

Messages screen sharing

If you want to help your friend with a Mac problem, you can access message screen sharing remotely. A great way to help others during the pandemic! For using messages to access their screen, open up messages, choose the name of the person you want to assist, and then click on details.

You have to select the screen-sharing icon to connect to him or her. Another way is to click on “buddies” at the top to get more screen-sharing choices. This way, you can help them even when from a remote place.

Calculations and currency conversions in Spotlight

Spotlight is an underrated Mac feature. If you know how to use it, this application will benefit you immensely. You can use Spotlight as a calculator as well as to convert currency.

To open Spotlight, you have to click on the magnifying glass icon situated at the top left of the Menu bar. Click Command + Space bar on the keyboard. For using a calculator, type what you want to calculate. The answer will automatically appear.

To use Spotlight as a currency converter, type the amount you want to convert with a currency symbol. The results will show the conversion rates in different currencies. It generally draws data from Yahoo.

To wrap it up, there are various features in Mac that you might not know even if you have been an avid user for quite some time now. We give various kinds of Mac Pro and MacOS tips. If you are an Apple lover, please read this blog by Forbes to know about the new upgrades of New MacBook, iPad, iPhone Upgrades.