Macropay’s Adam J Clarke: Sales Champion & Startup Founder

Adam J Clarke founded Macropay in 2013 in a living room. He grew the startup to its current success, building a team of passionate and committed employees along the way!

However, the journey has not been easy for the founder.

Early Beginnings

Like some of the most notable businessmen, Adam J Clarke did not finish school. In fact, he dropped out of high school. Growing up with ADHD, the traditional methods of learning that schools practice did not cater to how Adam’s mind works.

From the young age of 13, Macropay’s founder decided that going into sales will help him build the life he wants. At 16, he joined the workforce and began outperforming over 260 adults within the company. He notes that the feeling of being undefeated made him label himself as the “Sales Champion of the World.”

In the end, all his sales experience worked out for Adam. Diving into the business world at such a young age gave him the skills he needed to turn a startup into a multimillion-euro company.

Establishing Operations 

To start a fintech company in Romania, you have to be f***ked in the head.” This is what Dominic Busby, Macropay’s Business Development Director, initially told Adam. However, Adam’s obsession to succeed has always been unshakable. His obsession, coupled with his knowledge of how to scale sales processes, set him in a prime position to actually succeed.

Securing capital in his early 20s, Adam began assembling his team in Cluj Napoca, Romania. Macropay’s success story began when the initial team was assembled. At present, Macropay has operations in the UK, Malta and its HQ in Romania.

The Big “Scale Up” Stage

Macropay is currently at its aggressive scale up stage. Finishing off a strong Q1 in 2022, the FinTech company is set to launch more services down the line. They are also expanding the team and hiring beyond borders.

At the beginning of Q2 2022, Macropay released an updated version of their Open Banking technology. Thanks to constant innovation, their current trajectory positions the company to achieve more than double the profits compared to last year’s earnings.

Takeaway for Budding Entrepreneurs

For all those dreaming of becoming their own bosses and starting their own empire, Adam shares some of his insight. He advises that “You should not believe that the entrepreneurs you look up to are different from you. The only difference is the ability to handle failure and rejection at an incredible rate. Standing up again after getting knocked over by failure is the most important part of being an entrepreneur.

Adam further emphasizes his point by quoting Les Brown, “It’s not over until you win.

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