Top Trends to Notice in 2021 for Promotional Products

Promotional products have the capability of taking your business to the people. Marketers in New Zealand spend about $144 million in a year on this marketing strategy for the simple reason that it works.

With social distancing, work from home being the new normal, promotional products are a cost-efficient method to create a buzz about your business.

For the promotional products market, here are the top trends to notice in 2021.


Even with vaccines, masks, and other personal safety products like hand sanitizers, gloves are a part of our near future. People will be required to wear masks, follow social distancing norms and adhere to hygiene advice. As masks are one of the first things people notice nowadays, they can prove useful in promoting your business.

Work from Home Apparel

With people confined to their homes, comfortable clothing can make the work from home experience convenient. You could invest in custom gear fleece hoodies, sweaters, tracksuits, or sweats. About 50% of the people use promotional products daily, and 76% of people recall the brand advertised. So, even a grocery store run could result in an advertisement for your business.

Exercise Products

The fitness industry has boomed as people have time on their hands to get in a home workout session. Your promotional product line could include resistance bands, yoga mats, protein shakers, jackets, and other activewear apparel. Fitness products are a trend that is here to stay in 2021 as health takes center stage.

Office Supplies

Journals, notepads, mousepads, USB sticks, headphones, speakers, and stationery kits could be used to ease the stress of working from home. As people have started to get themselves vaccinated, the product line could also be advertised as a return to work incentive. Must Read – PayPal Working Capital and Business Loans

Stainless Steel Bottles

Promotional products in the form of stainless steel bottles from places like custom gear are a classic trend that continues to prevail. It is one of the versatile promotional products available in the marketplace. You have different options to choose from. You can customize it, pick a color, add logos, designs, and more. They are a cost-efficient option to promote your business and favor promotional products amongst the public.


The quarantine period has offered people the time to indulge in their hobbies. Going by social media posts, cooking and baking are popular hobbies to have emerged. According to APPA statistics, 91% of people have at least one promotional product in their kitchen. Aprons, cutlery sets, salt and pepper shakers make for functional promotional products.

Personal Care

If you want to go the extra mile, you could invest in a customized personal care kit. It could contain essentials like masks, hand sanitizers, and wet wipes, among others. Kits with multiple items are popular among the masses. You could also go in for a customized kit with toothbrushes, combs, body wash, shampoos, nail files, and makeup sets. Also Read – Time to Invest – Growth Sectors for Investors to Consider in 2021

If you are looking for a pocket-friendly way of promoting your business that works, custom gear is the way to go. Capitalize on these trends to implement an effective marketing strategy and get your brand out there in public.