5 Best Towel Warmer That Keep You Toasty After Bath

No words will match to explain the comfort that you feel about wrapping yourself with a warm towel after a bath. It doesn’t matter whether you had taken a hot shower or a nice bubble bath wrapping yourself with a warm towel will give you a nice feeling. Having your bath towel always warm is impossible if you do not have a Towel Warmer.

Not having enough knowledge about  Do not worry! Here in this article, I have briefed you about and listed the 5 best towel warmer you can get from the market.

Towel Warmer

What is a Towel Warmer?

It is an electrically operated independent heating system that can be used as a heating element. In today’s’ market, you can find a wide range of Hot Towel Warmer in the market, however, picking the right one that suits well for your requirements is vital for receiving better results.

Having a towel warmer cabinet in your bathroom is a great addition and certainly, it will keep you warm in your life. Here the best 5 towel warmers are listed below based upon their price, capacity, style. Pls check, hope it will be useful in picking the right warmer for you.

List of Best 5 Hot Towel Warmer

  1. Amba RWH-CP Curved Towel Warmer

Amba RWH-CP Curve Towel Warmer comes with an amazing 10 heating bar, which is something you never imagined. This warmer has the capacity of heating 2 to 3 full-sized towels at once, with its feature of equal distributing heat among its heat bars.

Key Features

  • Manufactured from stainless steel
  • Built-in on/off switch
  • 10 crossbars
  • Both horizontal and vertical bars are heated
  1. Brookstone Towel Warmer

It is one of the best you can get under the budgetary option. The design of this allows you to make full utilization of the heat bar. In fact, you can hang 2 full-sized towels. When compared with other equal range heaters, this Brookstone heats the bars in a quick session.

Key Features

  • Holds two oversized towels
  • Built-in timer
  • Powerful Heating Element
  1. Riviera Towel Warmer

This stainless-steel wall mounting Riviera comes with 9 heat bars in 3 groups and has about 3 inches gap on each. Because of the peculiar design, this warmer reduces mildew risk and improves heating operations.

Key Features

  • 9 bar design
  • Hardwired
  • Programmable timer or on/off switch
  • 2-year warranty
  1. Elite Hot Towel Cabinet Mini

For those who are looking for a  cabinet for heating a lot of towels at a time, then this unique mid-low-tier and affordable Elite Hot Towel Cabinet would be the best option to buy. The maximum internal heat capacity is 150 F and it looks similar to the old-fashioned refrigerator.

Key Features

  • Holds 1 full or 12 facial sized towels
  • Internal temperature control
  • Smaller in size that sits on a dresser

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  1. Ancona AN-5327 Electric Towel Warmer

It comes with 7 electrically heated bars that distribute heat uniformly. When compared with all other similar type models, this warmer has larger bars and has more space in-between the bars.

Key Features

  • Carbon steel construction
  • 7 horizontal bars
  • Hardwired
  • On/off switch

Bottom Line

While checking in online, you can find different towel warmers along with a lot of tips, suggestions, and information on considering the right choice before buying. However, your choice should be made based upon the wall-amount space in the bathroom, whether you need a towel warmer for you or your whole family. Also, give some importance to the model and shape before buying.

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