What Can You Expect in a Police Record Check?

When people hear about a police record check, they mostly think it only includes a criminal record. But a police check comprises much more than that. It would be best if you got the criminal record checks explained to understand better how to use them and what things are included in the record. This article will serve as a basic guide to police record checks.

Why Are Police Record Checks Important?

The main benefit in performing a criminal record check on your new employee is to make sure that you do not bring on a person with a troubling past. If serious offense records are present in someone’s history, you can avoid them to protect your workers, business reputation, and getting stuck within the law.

It is easy to hide criminal records by fabricating the resumes. Getting a record check proves to be a safe way you can choose. It is recommended by the court to take reasonable steps in identifying the person you are hiring for any job. It can help determine if the person does not pose any threat to the public.

Why is a Police Record Check Needed?

This document or information is needed for many purposes. For example, you may be asked for a police record check for a job application to see if you have previous records that make you unsuitable for the work environment.

Besides work, record checks are also required for a visa or any other international document, citizenship application, and name change application. It is also needed when you apply for adoption.

Types of Police Record Checks:

There are typically three types of police record checks used to evaluate different types of cases. Depending upon the kind of place you want to work or the country you want to visit, you will be required to apply for any of these police record checks. Also Read – Choose the Best Personal Injury Lawyer with These Simple Tips

Criminal Record Check:

In this type of record, you will be checked for any criminal offense committed. It can include criminal convictions and cases where you are found guilty.

Criminal and Judicial Matters Check:

This type of check is more detailed and includes criminal offense records and any judiciary matters. It contains orders that still actively involve you. It can consist of any court orders, charges, warrants, probation.

If you have been granted discharge from a case that happened more than a year ago, it will not be included in the police record checks. And also excludes any conditional clearance that you have been granted, but it should have occurred three years ago.

Vulnerable sector Record:

This record check is a complete police record check that can be made if requested. It includes all the records of your criminal, judicial matters along with other things that do not fall into previous categories.

It can include cases that have occurred because of a mental disorder unless you have been granted a full discharge. Records of any sexual offense convictions are also added to the check record.

List of Things Not to be Included in the Record:

Not every information about your involvement with the police needs to be added to the record. Some of which include.

  • When you have been stopped and questioned by the police.
  • If you have been arrested without committing any crime.
  • You got involved with the police because of a mental illness.
  • If you have made a call to the police for reporting a crime.

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