Why You’ve Got to Attend All Small Business Events and Trade Shows

If you run a business, you are always struggling to build your customer base. Have you ever considered going to small business events and trade shows?

When customers can put a face to a business, they are more likely to engage with the business.

So what do small business events and trade shows do to help entrepreneurs?

This guide will show you how these events can help you grow your business and expand your customer base.


The first advantage of attending these events are networking opportunities. One of the ways to find customers is to go through middlemen. Other industry professionals serve as these middlemen.

Let’s suppose you run a small restaurant and are looking for patrons. If you attend an event with food distributors, they can serve as word-of-mouth marketers for potential patrons. You can tell them about your business and they can direct you to patrons. Or, they will discuss your restaurant with any potential patrons.

You can also take advantage of networking opportunities to find retailers to sell your product or service. Networking is looked at as a method of connecting professionals with each other, but it can also do wonders for building a customer base.

Showcase Your Business

You can also use such events as a way to showcase your business and what it offers. You should click here to learn how to set up a trade booth.

At a trade booth, you can discuss what your business is about. You can engage with potential customers and let them know why they should consider your business. You can also give out products or free trials for your services.

Small business events and trade shows are made for interested customers. You won’t have to worry about the seriousness of anyone who approaches your booth. These are some of the best places to showcase your business and find lifelong customers.

A Sense of Authority

One of the biggest challenges for any small business is to establish authority in its industry. Small businesses have to find a way to appeal to a customer base. But with the relentless competition, standing out amongst the crowd is easier said than done.

This is why you must represent your business at an event or trade show. When an attendee enters the exhibition room and sees your booth, they will get the impression that your business is an authority in its industry.

Imagine if you were a college student walking into a career fair. You will likely have a good impression of all the companies present. This is true even if they don’t all appeal to you. The companies that made the effort to showcase themselves are establishing their authority.

Your business must make itself known to the public. Research the small business events and trade show that apply to your industry. Make sure you attend these events to promote your business.

Study Your Competition

You get a unique opportunity to study your competition if you attend small business events and trade shows. You’ll get to observe how they manage to attract and cultivate customer relationships.

Take these opportunities to see all the steps your competitors take to win customers over. For example, do they give out free or discounted products? Do they offer SWAG and other merchandise to attendees?

You want to also observe how the company representatives interact with attendees. You can expect that attendees will have many questions about your company and what it offers.

For best results, you want to have several company representatives to speak to attendees. You want to make sure that these representatives are experts on what your business offers.

A Source of Education

Another overlooked benefit of small business events and trade shows is the education you can get. You will get a chance to keep up with the trends in your industry. You can use the opportunity of attending these events to make changes in your business.

For example, if you are a bullion dealer you can see what trends are occurring in the industry. You might find that one precious metal has more interest over another. We might find that bullion buyers are adamant to get their children interested in investing in precious metals. You can set up a “kids corner” that teaches kids how to invest in precious metals.

If you run an online bookstore, you might find that digital books are becoming more popular. Going to a small business event can teach you how to sell digital books online in addition to physical books.

Market Research

A great advantage of small business events and trade shows is the market research you can do. You’ll get a chance to speak to potential customers and understand what they are looking for. This will help you make better decisions to expand your customer base.

Many startups participate in such business events to understand who their customer base is. These events help a business owner understand what type of customer is interested in their business. This helps a business owner decide how to market to their target market.

For example, you might find that young women seem more interested in your business and what it offers. This will help you tailor your marketing campaigns to speak directly to young women. You might even tailor your products/services to make them more appealing to young women.

It’s always crucial to understand your target market and there’s no better avenue than going to these events.

Attend Small Business Events and Trade Shows

Now you know the tremendous benefits of small business events and trade shows. Make sure you prepare your business so that you can represent it when you attend these events.

The best step is to first attend these events as an observer. Walk around to see how different businesses promote themselves at the events. This will give you an idea of what to do when it’s your turn to promote your business.

Make sure you share this guide with your fellow entrepreneurs. You can also find more great business tips on our website.