5 Biggest Food Industry Trends to Keep Your Eye On

One industry that is undergoing massive changes is the food industry. New food industry trends are becoming more commonplace, and we will likely see a continuation of these trends.

If you work in the food industry, you want to be aware of these trends so that your business can keep up at all times.

So what are the most important food industry trends to follow as technology, culture, and habits change?

We’ve done the research and prepared this short guide on the food industry trends to watch out for.

The Food Industry Trends to Watch for

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Here’s what else you should watch out for:

  1. Plant-Based Foods

These foods are rising in popularity. We will continue to see a growth in demand for plant-based foods. Whether that is vegetarian or vegan, restaurateurs should take note.

For example, if your company offers limited options for salads you might want to increase the choices. If you sell cheese, you want to consider if there are vegan cheese alternatives you can include. If you sell burgers, you want to consider adding veggie burgers to the menu.

Farm-to-table restaurants are likely to see an increase in popularity if more vegetables are offered on the menu.

  1. Healthy Snacks

Chips and chocolate bars will take a backseat to protein bars. As society is becoming more health-conscious, we will see an increase in demand for healthy snacks.

A retailer should consider protein bars, low-fat chips, and other healthier alternatives to popular snacks. One should also consider offering fruit snacks and veggie snacks wherever possible.

  1. Desserts

We will always love our desserts — but even this popular type of food will see a dramatic change. Consumers will demand desserts with lower sugar or with artificial sweeteners.

We might also see more minimal desserts. An ice-cream lover might prefer plain vanilla or chocolate ice cream as opposed to one with several flavors mixed in.

  1. Sustainability

You want to make sure you keep sustainability in mind for the future. For example, you want to make sure that you offer straws that don’t pollute the environment.

You can also consider asking customers to bring their own bag if you run a supermarket, as many European retailers such as Aldi already do. You can charge them for using a plastic bag—thus incentivizing them to care for the environment.

  1. At Home Drinks

With our consciousness to the environment and with the COVID-19 pandemic that much of the world had to face, we will see a resurgence in at-home dining and drinking.

If you are involved in the beverage industry, you want to consider making ingredients for drinks available for consumers. Consumers might want to make cocktails at home instead of always going to a local bar.

If you run a bar, you might want to consider selling drink ingredients and cocktail products for your customers to make their favorite drinks in the comfort of their home!

Keep up With the Trends

Now that you know the new food industry trends, you can ensure that your business will always be up to date. Make sure to share this guide with others in the food industry.

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