5 Common Apartment Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

How badly do people need your home? Pretty badly, if you can make them think they do. In the digital age of apartment marketing, the art of selling your apartment has changed.

Inexperienced sellers make some common apartment marketing mistakes. Don’t be like them. Discover how to avoid five of these common mistakes by reading on.

  1. Not Having Content Marketing

The year’s 2021. If you’re not investing in content marketing, you’re behind the times. Companies that blog get up to 67% more leads than those that don’t.

These days, content marketing is no longer optional. It’s essential because when apartment hunters consider moving, they research renting tips, neighborhoods, and other secondary information.

Content marketing reaches prospective renters early in the sales process. Start a company blog or reach out to an SEO agency to jumpstart your content marketing.

  1. Not Promoting Your Website

Merely having a website doesn’t cut it anymore. You must also promote it to get traffic and backlinks.

Try a guest blog on other sites or put your URL on all printed materials. Ask other local companies to mention your site on their site. Do the same for them.

Get listed on your city’s chamber of commerce website or make a press release for newsworthy events your company participates in.

  1. Trying to Appeal to Everyone

A counterintuitive principle of sales and marketing is that you shouldn’t market yourself to all audiences. Some demographics aren’t a good fit, and that’s okay.

A marketing platform that’s too broad will end up appealing to no one.

Begin by creating a buyer persona. Identify your dream renter then tailor your content and website to them.

If, for example, your target demographic is high-income earners seeking a luxury lifestyle, speak their language. You’ll end up with more qualified leads.

  1. Boring Pictures

A picture’s worth a thousand words. They’re maybe worth even more for apartment marketers because your website gives people their first impression of your community.

They’ll quickly judge your community’s appearance and move on without hesitation if it’s not up to their standards. Follow some photo guidelines.

Let as much natural light in as possible for photos of your apartments. Use neutral colors with touches of stronger colors.

Rather than using empty units, stage apartments for photos. When taking photos of your community’s exterior, ensure there aren’t too many cars or other distracting things in the pictures.

  1. Failing to Emotionally Engage Your Audience

Emotional engagement is key to any kind of marketing, including with apartments.

Instead of only listing what your apartment community offers, explain how specific features benefit renters. For example, don’t just say that you’re close to a grocery store. Explain why that’s so convenient for your renters.

Maybe your website will look something like this.

Avoiding Apartment Marketing Mistakes

No matter how common these apartment marketing mistakes are, you can avoid them. Don’t be another statistic.

Take care to keep your distance from the mistakes listed above. Raise your marketing game with more advice from the site’s Business Techniques section.