5 Prominent Benefits of Freight Broker Software

It is a fact that technology has created ease for almost every industry. Now, carriage companies also facilitate online and this is a reason that freight brokers have customized software for online booking of consignments. Transportation management software is also categorized as FBS because it seamlessly operates sourcing and qualifying carriers, invoices, and other tasks.

This software is the need of the current era as the carriage industry is evolving. So, if you are also in this field, make sure to upgrade your services for more clients.

Order Creation with a Single Click

There is no need to spend hours on listing orders because customized freight broker software is good enough to do this with a single click. Clients can create orders within seconds and further processing also becomes easy.

It saves energy and money because you won’t need to hire more staff for enlisting orders as everything happens online. Clients feel good when they get their orders processed online and this can help you get more clients.

Quotations are Easier with Software

Customized software is usually designed as per the carriage rate, broker’s policies, freight details, and multiple other things. So, whenever software receives an order, it is processed further and an automatic quotation is generated out of it.

The process is flawless and does not contain the chances of loopholes. Apart from it, brokers can keep a record of all the quotations forwarded in a month. You can get the track record with a single click which means that even if the paper receipts are misplaced, an online record would be there.

24/7 Chat Support

Manually, it is not easy to stay online 24/7 for assisting clients regarding their queries however software contains inbuilt chat support. You can create a list of frequently asked questions there and as soon as people select a particular question, the system will show an automated answer.

It proves great in most cases unless a client selects the option of talking to an agent. So, make sure to add at least 20 plus questions to the list that clients usually ask. This will add a sense of professionalism and people won’t have to wait for getting their queries answered. Also Read – What You Need to Know About Embedded Software

Effortless Transfer of Documents

We know that managing documents is a real hassle but when a freight broker relies on software, he can offload the burden from his shoulders. So, effortless transfer of documents is possible if you get customized software. Clients can send freight and carriage documents online while you can check the authenticity through any means. Basically, the software makes things easy on both ends.

On the other hand, if you are working traditionally, you may not get enough clients and the workload will also make you frustrated. It is always suggested to upgrade the service by relying on customized seamless software.

Flawless Tracing

You can get a complete record of all the consignments on the way by simply turning on the tracing feature. Drivers stay in touch with carriage companies and you can track them anytime to know the exact location. This is a plus point of software because drivers do not get late as they know they are being tracked online and ultimately, you won’t hear any lame excuses from their side.

It depends on you how many features you want to add but we always suggest keeping the software simple and seamless for easy processing. However, make sure to get 24/7 assistance from the software company in case of any trouble or slow processing. In short, these are the advantages that every freight broker should be aware of.