Business Greetings: 5 Engaging Ways to Greet Your Customers

No, we never get a chance at a first impression. And nowhere is this truer than in the business world, where basic customer service can make or break a company.

Business greetings may seem like such a simple thing. But when done right, it can bring customers back time after time and get your business referred. Think about all the places you frequent as a customer; how many of them do you return to more for the friendly staff than the superior product?

If you think your business could boost the customer service department, here are a few top tips to get you started.

1. Smile

When a customer enters the store, studies show that you have about 30 seconds to greet them in a friendly manner to make an impression. If you’re greeted with a smile and helpful attitude when you go into a new store or restaurant, or even over the phone, you’re far more likely to return.

When customers feel a personal connection, they’re more likely to allow employees to highlight promotions or up-sale products. When you feel comfortable, you’re also more likely to buy something especially if the person that helped you find it was friendly and could offer some knowledgeable advice.

2. Focus

Stop what you’re doing. No matter what it may be, you can come back to it after you’ve helped the customer. A customer who feels ignored will leave without buying anything and not come back. Often, people are too shy or anxious to ask for help, so offer it first.

3. Show

Don’t give customers directions to aisle 19; take them there! They’ll appreciate the effort and it’s better for sales if they’ve seen the product.

4. Ask Questions

Ask how they feel about a product, how they find it works, or what they need it for. You may find a space to offer them a better product if they have doubts or add additional products to their purchase. Don’t be pushy though; just be friendly, helpful, and interested.

5. Be Professional

Act and dress professionally. No matter your position in a company, you should always look and act the part. Presenting yourself neatly and professionally will go a long way to helping customers feel comfortable.

Telephonic Greeting

Telephonic greetings are as important as physical greetings. A friendly voice on the other end of the phone is always a welcome sound.

Use a crisp, clear voice when answering the phone, and don’t mumble. Make sure you mention your company and your position so callers know if they’re in the right place or need further directions. Be professional in your phone greeting, and clear in any instructions.

Invest in custom on hold messages while your clients are waiting. No one wants to hear endless verses of out-of-tune classical music!

Business Greetings End Well

When it comes to business greetings, a smiling face or friendly voice goes a long way to an enhanced customer experience. Your customers will return time and again for a smile and employees who show a genuine interest in them.

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