How to Get Expired Listings

Expired listings can be challenging if you don’t know how to find them. Sometimes, other agents have access to expired listings, so you need to beat them. Once you find them, tell the seller you are getting many inquiries about their listing. This way, you’ll be able to beat them to it. You can also cross expired reference listings to social media profiles of people you know. So read on to learn how to get expired listings with these steps

Expired MLS listings

If you have an active listing in MLS and are curious about the price of an expired property, you can try searching for the property’s expired listings. If you are a real estate agent, you can also check for expired listings in public records by visiting city hall or the county courthouse. This method is the most time-consuming, but you can still obtain the necessary information.

Please find out the date that new listings are acquired and when they are due to expire. These dates help determine whether expired listings are worth targeting. Another way is to use real estate ads. Expired listings are a golden opportunity for motivated sellers or prospective clients. Getting expired MLS listings is a great way to promote your listing on a much cheaper basis. If you do not have time to visit real estate websites regularly, use the services of real estate prospecting services.

Using a CRM like Pipedrive to convert leads

For those who want to generate sales by using expired listings as a source of leads, a CRM like Pipedrive can be a good option. The CRM allows you to manage your sales process, including converting leads into sales. In addition, its easy-to-navigate interface and extensive customization options are easy to use. For example, when you create a lead in Pipedrive, you can customize it with fields and conditions to suit your needs.

However, expired listing leads are a little more difficult to convert because they likely had a harrowing experience with the listing agent. As a result, they might need a boost of confidence and hope that things will work out differently with a different agent. Pipedrive, a powerful CRM that uses artificial intelligence to provide contact information, allows you to target your messaging to your lead’s preferences and interests.

Writing a letter to a seller.

Using a letter to a seller to get their expired listings can be effective if you know how to craft it properly. Make sure it’s a good one, and you address valid reasons for the listing’s expiration. For example, you could discuss the marketing and promotion strategy you’ve been using to promote the property. Doing so will show the seller that you’re serious about marketing their home.

The best-expired listing letters contain a call to action, empathy, and a free market report. While a simple note is acceptable for the first contact, you should go above and beyond with your letter to get the listing. Consider a little gift as a follow-up gift for the seller. Always follow up with your lead if you’ve received a reply. It doesn’t hurt to follow up a little bit, either.

Using a drip marketing campaign

A drip marketing campaign for expired listings is one of the best ways to find new leads and sell them. You can find expired listings for any area as long as the data exists, and you can even look back ten years if you wish. In addition, these listings may have equity in them that you can use now. Once you have a list, you can upload them to your auto-dialer or CRM for further marketing.

If your expired listings are still available, you should write a follow-up letter for them. You should include a free market report, a call to action, and a detailed marketing plan. Your letter must be compelling and show value to the seller. It should also address any problems with the previous listing, such as lack of marketing and low-quality interior pictures. Ultimately, you want to convince them to sell their home.