Simple Steps To Take Your Small Business Online Post-Coronavirus

The landscape has changed dramatically for so many small businesses in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic. We have seen many companies close and the ones that have survived are being forced to radically rethink their identity and strategy. If you have given up your office, here are a few ways you can take your business online without sacrificing anything.

Make Sure Your Team Has The Tools They Need

Invest in project management software to minimize disruption to your business as your team starts working remotely. Establish a routine for daily check-ins, meetings and other important communication. Research new equipment and software that would improve productivity and communication.

Work On Your Website

Redesign your website to clearly communicate your business identity and expertise. Create SEO-driven content to demonstrate your excellence and give your site a boost in the search rankings. Find out what updates Google is working on and adapt your strategy accordingly. Make sure that your page is easy to navigate.

Prioritize Customer Service

Answer customer queries as soon as possible and follow up to guarantee satisfaction. Assign someone the responsibility of monitoring social media platforms so that no messages are missed. Conduct regular email surveys to find new ways to improve your online presence and to bring in new business with special offers.

Get Deliveries Out On Time

Prioritize your deliveries and guarantee customers a delivery time. Overnight delivery is crucial for perishable deliveries, especially in the summer heat. Look for shipping services that can guarantee an 8:30am delivery slot and which makes it easy for customers to return items should they need to.

Make The Most Of Your Data

Analyze your customer data to identify areas for improvement. Look for any pages that are not being used and adapt or discard them. Identify topics of interest and keywords that drive traffic and pivot your marketing and content strategies accordingly. Marketing campaigns are the best time to get a clear idea of what is working and what isn’t.

Think About How AI Software Can Improve Your Business

Research AI programs that will help you to improve efficiency and customer service. AI chatbots will keep people on your website for longer. AI automation can take time-consuming simple tasks off your employees’ hands, and it can be used to boost your cybersecurity by fending off attacks before they reach you.

Build Your Brand On Social Media

Recruit a social media expert who can turn your social media channels into a more personal and exciting platform for your business. Look for other businesses to interact with and stay up to date with the latest trends. Social media is an invaluable tool for separating your company from all the other businesses in the same corner of the market.