Top 5 Factors to Consider When Choosing Recruitment Agencies

The job market has never been more competitive. Unemployment levels are rising as the pandemic begins to bite.

If you are looking for a job, getting the right agency is critical to getting the perfect employment and signing a new job contract quickly.

So here are five essential factors to look out for when choosing recruitment agencies for your employment search this year.

1. Agency Type

First, before choosing an agency, find out what kind of employment agency they are and the types of jobs they offer. Not all will be the right fit.

Some agencies specialize in temporary roles, others general staffing. You need to find one that fits your goals. If you don’t want a temporary or freelance position, pick an agency that offers general recruitment support.

If you are in a senior management position, you should consider an agency specializing in executive roles. These roles require more one-to-one relationship building to get the sort of high-level job you are looking for.

2. Agency Reputation

The best recruitment agencies are built from their outstanding reputation. That means they will have plenty of positive testimonials, references, and reviews to share.

When looking for the right agency, start with your personal contacts, friends, and family, connect with associates on LinkedIn, and ask for recommendations.

If someone has had an excellent agency experience, they will be happy to share.

After that, look online at your agency shortlist. Read through the testimonials and case studies from candidates who have successfully secured a job with that agency. Focus on the most recent testimonials.

3. Service Fees

Before deciding on your preferred agency, it is crucial to understand a little about their service fees. If the agency doesn’t charge fees for candidates, as is often the case, they will be getting a fee from the employer.

From your perspective, it is worth checking as much as you can about their fees, even if they don’t disclose it, as it could impact the salary on offer.

Suppose any agency works on a percentage fee with the employer. In that case, they may be motivated to secure you a higher salary offer for a post. They will get higher commissions.

However, if they charge a fixed fee, they may be more interested in getting you to accept a job offer quickly. That may involve fewer salary negotiations.

4. Industry Experience

If you have specialist technical skills, you want to look for an agency that understands your experience and qualifications and can speak confidently to employers.

The best way to do that is to find an agency with experience in your industry or your specialism.

If you aren’t sure, talk to recruitments. Get a feel for how much they understand your industry and ask if they have previous experience placing people with your specialist skills.

5. Communication Skills

A great recruiter should be able to sell you and your skills to a potential employer. They are your best opportunity to win an interview, so an agency must excel in their communication skills.

What’s more, you must be kept up to date with how your recruitment efforts are progressing.

To get that, you’ll need a recruitment agency that keeps you informed at all steps as it will help keep the momentum going in your search for employment.

Choosing Recruitment Agencies

When choosing recruitment agencies, you’ll reap the rewards of researching the most suitable agency first. It could make the difference between finding a good job and landing the perfect role.

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