What Stationery Do You Need for A Business?

Every business no matter how big or small it is will need stationery.  You might not need a huge amount to start with but starting out with the basics is a good idea.  You should always have good quality stationery as this will be a reflection of your business.  If your stationery looks cheap and does not last well then people may think your business is like this too! Get it printed onto good quality paper or card depending on what you are using.

Business Stationery Is Alive & Well

Some people think that with digital technology that printed stationery is no longer necessary.  They could not be more wrong! The old ways are usually the best ways in some respects.  You can include QR codes onto stationery nowadays and of course your website and social media links.  So, there is space for some older techniques as well as newer ones in any business.

Get It Professionally Designed

According to Jamie from Leeds Printing Company “No matter what stationery you choose it is important to have it professionally designed if possible.  This area is not everyone’s strong point so it is important to get a professional to do this, as it will be on all your stationery promoting your business.”

Be Consistent With Your Branding

One of the most important things to include on all your stationery is your brand image.  They must all contain your business’s logo, and this should be the same across your website, social media links, and your stationery.  Consistency is the key here to enhance your brand image so when your customers see your logo they automatically think of your business and what you sell.

Business Cards

Business cards are one of the most important pieces of stationery a business can use.  This can be given out to your customers on any occasion and must contain all your contact details for your business.  They can serve many different functions, be a call to action for your business, lead generator, mini brochure of what you do, and contain all your social media links and website.


Most businesses at some point will need to write a letter or perhaps a quotation.  This should again feature your logo.  Even if most of your business is done online it can create a good impression to attach letters to emails that look professional.  So, include your logo, business name (if this is not in the logo) postal address, website, telephone number.

Compliment Slips

Compliment slips are handy for mailings and they still show the customer where the documents have come from.  Therefore, they need to feature the same information as letterheads.

To keep a professional image envelope that is printed with your business logo is a nice touch.  Make sure you use a good quality envelope so that it looks like you are prepared to invest money into the little things in your business.  This will translate well to your customers and be an important first image.

All businesses will need stationery and paperwork that is printed onto quality paper or card.  Do not create a bad impression by using the cheapest materials and a badly designed brand image.